Located in Tenpaku Ward of Nagoya City, Umegaoka Clinic specializes in respiratory allergies and ailments such as asthma and coughs. We are easily accessible from Nisshin City and Meito Ward.






We open Saturday-Afternoon


​Prolonged cough

Iinflammation in the airway


​Diabetes・High blood pressure・Hyperlipidemia etc.

Welcome to Umegaoka Clinic for General Medicine and Allergies! We offer primary care services for you and your family.

Our services include:

  • Personal, comprehensive and continuing care Care for Allergies, Especially in Airway ( Bronchial Asthma, Bronchitis, Rhinitis, etc.) 

  •  Clinical Respiratory Care ( home oxygen therapy, CPAP for patients with sleep apnea, inhalation treatment, etc. )

  • Medical Check-ups.

  • Chronic disease prevention and management

  • Childhood Illnesses. Childhood immunisations and vaccinations.

  • Regular health and developmental check ups.

  • Allergy assessment and advice.

  • Chronic disease management for children with chronic diseases such as asthma and allergic disease.


  • Japanese National Health Insurance

  • Japanese Government Managed Health Insurance

  • Social Insurance authorized by Japanese Social Insurance Agency


If you are coming to Umegaoka Clinic for the first time, please bring your health-insurance certificate to our front desk. After your first visit, we *will* also *need to * confirm your insurance card once a month. You will need to pay cash for the amount not covered by insurance.

If you have any questions about our medical services, please call us without hesitation.

Notice of Days Clinic Closed

  Doctor`s No-Consultation Days 



​    (14:00~17:00)

 Lifestyle Related Disease
Medical Check-ups

Medical Interview Sheet

Umedagaoka Clinic for General Medicine and Allergies has a parking area with spacious area for each vehicle.

​Examinations start from 8:30 Monday to Saturday.

Examinations are available Saturday afternoons.